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Same-sex marriage, also known as gay marriage, is marriage between people of the same sex, either as a secular civil ceremony or in a religious setting.

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Sex trafficking – whether within a country or across national borders – violates basic human rights, including the rights to bodily integrity, equality, dignity

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Throughout its history, America has symbolized equality of opportunity for people of all races, origins, religions and creeds, serving as a beacon of hope for anyone

Significant Findings on Marriage Equality . Said he hasn’t given a lot of thought to marriage equality, then said he supported domestic partnerships instead of full

Works for equal immigration benefits for LGBT people and provides free legal assistance to the LGBT/HIV+ immigrants, especially asylum seekers. Includes stories

Gender equality is a human right. Women are entitled to live with dignity and with freedom from want and from fear. Gender equality is also a precondition for

Issues. NOW is a multi-issue, multi-strategy organization that takes a holistic approach to women’s rights. Our priorities are winning economic equality and

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Terminology within the transgender community varies and has changed over time so we recognize the need to be sensitive to usage within particular communities.

In a historic 5-4 ruling in June 2015, the Supreme Court of the United States found bans on marriage equality to be unconstitutional—and that the fundamental right

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